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Wilcox Legal is a search and consulting firm with offices in Florida and Georgia.

Our legal search focus is working primarily with partners and groups. We do this by developing a deep understanding of our client firms strategic growth goals and culture.

We then work to identify partners and groups that can best utilize a platform for growth.

At Wilcox Legal, we understand that 99% of what we do comes down to timing and relationships.  You will know as an attorney that our discussions are confidential and candid.  We maintain relationships because we do not try and fit a square peg into a round hole.  

Often times, the best opportunity is a year, two, or three away based on your situation. After a consultation, you will know that, and you will know that all discussions are confidential.  

Additionally, we work with firms assisting them through the merger process of either a practice group or complete firm merger.  Helping to facilitate the change in a confidential, professional, and seamless manner.

We can also provide client development training and legacy/ succession planning to your firm and assist with your firms overall marketing plan as part of our career lifecycle consulting.

Andrew Wilcox and Matthew Hackett are two boyhood best friends that have a vast amount of legal experience beginning as sales reps for an international legal research company.

Wilcox and Hackett was formed to give attorneys a confidential yet aggressive hand in finding the best environment to display their talent. Our growth has been based on doing good work for our clients and being fortunate enough to maintain these relations over a long period of time.

Our business principles are built on three cornerstones:

TALENT- It all starts with talent!  The Candidates talents as an attorney, the firms talent for development and nurturing a quality working environment, and our talent to be able to work with both parties in a discreet professional way to ensure a positive experience.

HEART or HUSTLE-Doing the things that others don't want to do on a continuous basis. Championships are won by the team that shows just a bit more heart and hustle.  Being a good attorney, firm, or business comes down a commitment to outwork the competition.

COMPASSION- Life is too short to do something that you hate.  Waking up every morning we look forward to the conversations and assistance that we provide to others. Placing an individual in a position that will enhance their life and benefit their family creates the opportunity for a long term fit with a firm.  Clients tell me constantly that firms that put their people first have stronger relationships with their clients, attorneys, and are able to retain the best talent.