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Do you have some very good associates but they have not had to develop a client base as of yet? Maybe they do not know how.

Perhaps you or the partners at your firm want to grow your client base or further develop the clients that you already have?

We work with your firm on a process where you and others at your firm learn ways of stepping outside the daily attorney-client conversations and ask questions that help develop business, diagnosing what your clients needs are. Attract new clients, retain ones that you have, or expand the scope of the work that you are doing for them now.

Understanding and coordinating your firm/ individual message:

I consult with various people from within a firm from marketing to the managing partner to the receptionist, and if possible with clients that you select, to understand your unique capabilities. From this, we create messaging that ties to your brand.

Customized finding session that is facilitated with your attorneys:

I don't give canned seminars to firms. The idea is to arm attorneys with how the Process works in your unique environment. I say, "facilitate" because it is interactive and fun. Not death by powerpoint.

Individual consulting:

The Process is lost if there is not a plan to implement it. The individual consulting is meant to identify how the Process can be used to work with each attorneys strengths and create a plan moving forward. We confidentially discuss prospects, qualification, and securing incremental business.

Success measurement:

This is a pillar of Client Development Process that I teach and practice. I work with firms closely to consult as the firm and attorneys engage the Process and measure results.  Identifying granular metrics that tie to specific goals and measured at constant intervals so that you know what is working and what needs to be adjusted.